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"Writing with Diligence" is a blog to support anyone out there that wants to diligently work on any type of writing. Writing is a form of expression and art that anyone can participate in. Be diligent in any form of writing you like. The form you choose does not matter; it can be creative fiction, creative non-fiction, technical writing, poetry, personal history, research, school projects, professional or business writing, marketing, blogging etc.

There will be projects and challenges posted often, and I encourage anyone to make suggestions about projects we could do together. Remember the goal is to keep writing and write often…

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Write On" Complete

I finished the write on and turned it in at the law school about 4:50 p.m. on Friday afternoon (it was due by 5:00). Even though it was a very difficult and trying experience, individuals who participate learn a tremendous amount of information in one week, and increase their blue-booking skills. The blue book is the reference used for legal citations, but it has a lot of other useful information that applies to all aspects of writing. If a person learns how to use the blue book and Chicago Manual of Style they can cite anything. I think I am going to make that one of this month’s challenges, for everyone who participates in my challenges and writing assignments. Make sure to check out my monthly challenges!! These are not just challenges for friends, family, and followers of my blog; I also complete these challenges. That’s why I named the blog “Writing with Diligence.” It’s learning together…

I accomplished writing a 15-page case note on Arizona v. Gant and I completed a technical edit on a separate 15-page case note. I spent around 50 hours. This is time well spent becoming better at editing and blue-booking, and analyzing cases and formulating legal theory. I will attach my case note so that anyone interested can read it or at least become familiar with what a case note is and how it is written. Legal writing is very different than other styles of writing. It takes a tremendous amount of research to undergo and complete a legal writing project. In legal writing almost every sentence of the project will have a citation. Almost all of the ideas come from another source and are being used to support a new legal theory. Obviously legal writing is on the opposite end of the spectrum from creative fiction writing.

Now it is time for some creative writing...

Check out the creative writing challenges for this month. There will be at least four posted and another 10 to work on for the summer. I am asking those participating to do the required reading and finish each assignment within that given week. It will be really fun and it will give you more examples of writing and more ideas to work within your portfolio.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The "Write On"

This is my second year attempting the law school write on. For those of you who are not familiar with the write on, it is a week of hell... It's basically a competition to see which law students are the best writers. There are several journals at the law school that have available student editor positions. Most of these positions require extensive time commitments throughout the academic year.

Last year I completed the write but I'm not sure anyone could understand my analysis in the case not that I wrote. I was invited to join the Journal of Public Law, but ultimately decided to turn down the offer and stick with only one co-curricular activity (Trial Advocacy Team). With my children to take care of and a husband to keep happy (basically the more I'm home the happier he is), it was plenty of commitment to just finish one year on the Trial Advocacy Team. I also got to attend a Criminal Trial Competition in Chicago on the traveling team. I learned a lot and it scared me too. The teams BYU competed against were incredible. Maybe later I can make a post and talk about the competition.

Next year I have accepted a Trial Advocacy Team board positions as the Public Relations Director. I would also like to be an editor of one of the journals at the law school. That is why I am doing the "write on."

This year the case note that I must write is on Arizona v. Gant. If you’re interested it’s about searches and seizures involving motor vehicles. I have contemplated doing my substantial writing requirement on this very subject. This competition will give me a good head start (really like a 50 hour head start) on my substantial writing. The substantial writing requirement at the law school is equivalent to a thesis in a PhD program.

I started the "write on" Monday, and have to have my case note and my technical edit of an additional case note turned in by Friday afternoon. I started by reading all of the allowable materials supplied for the competition I think it’s over 300 pages of case opinions, law journal articles, and law review articles. Yes, it is boring and I have to drink a lot of Coke to stay away.

It's getting down to "crunch time." I have about 5 of the 15 page limit written, and I have about half of the technical edit done (I wished the week was only half over too...). I better get back to work and I will make a post when I have my case note and tech edit completed and turned in.